Crazy all the way around

It’s hard to imagine, before you have your second child, how anyone could compete with your first. That’s partly because you’re surprised by how crazy you are about the first and can’t imaging being that crazy about another kid. But it’s also partly because you can’t possibly be prepared for how different the second is from the first. You can’t imagine how fully and completely the second child is their own person.

Nothing better than trying big sister's stuff Fresh from the tub Once she can reach the pedals she's outta here

Far from being just a smaller version of Ellen, June is June. She’s fearless, almost violently affectionate, and apparently feels pain to a much lesser degree than most humans. She’s unstoppable and unflappable. June is a whole different experience than Ellen, and I’m every bit as crazy about her as I am about Ellen.

One Thought on “Crazy all the way around

  1. Michelle on November 4, 2013 at 4:35 pm said:

    Very sweet post. And I’m happy to see you’ve replaced the cardboard box you were making Ellen ride around in.

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