Monthly Archives: August 2004

Boys told whopper in order to get one

    One hundred twenty-five years. That’s five-fourths of a centennial and five-sixths of a sesquicentennial. I don’t know the term for 125 years but wanted to slip in that overblown sesquipedalian term anyway.
     Saturday, employees of the Optic, dressed in their finest regalia, will observe the celebration, the details of which have been beslubbered over our pages for weeks. There’ll be booths, treats, fun, entertainment, speeches and a chance to meet the Optic staff.

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Las Vegans’ energy quotient was high

    Was there ever a busier day in Las Vegas than last Saturday? My family attended an afternoon wedding of a long-time friend, Carlos Lopez, who took Charlene Lovato as his bride, at Our Lady of Sorrows Church. At the same time, a wedding was taking place at Immaculate Conception Church. Earlier that day, throngs turned out to honor our returning guard members. Carnegie Library celebrated its 100th anniversary; the Citizens Committee for Historic Preservation conducted its old houses tours, and about 60 youngsters performed in the evening in the Missoula Children’s Theater production of The Frog Prince.

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Why in the world did Cheney’s speech require loyalty oath?

    Presidential candidate John Kerry delivered a speech in Albuquerque in July. He was greeted by throngs of enthusiastic supporters and a number of detractors.
     Unobserved at first, anti-Kerry members of the crowd began clacking their sandals together, over their heads. The sound of the flip-flops was emblematic of the protesters’ opinion that Kerry “flip-flops” on issues, in particular first voting to send troops to Iraq, then opposing it. Facing crowd of detractors as well as supporters is the price public figures have to pay.

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