Monthly Archives: November 2004

Are we thankful when someone’s worse off?

    Does everyone dream of fame, or at least notoriety?
    One way to get my name in flashing lights all over big cities would be to change my name to “Don’t Walk.” When acknowledged by someone whose name I know, I usually get greeted with “Hi, there.”
     That’s when I tell the other person I’m planning to change my name to “There,” in order to get acknowledged more often. So the greeting will be “Hi, There (with a capital T.)”

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The need for a media vacation

    The English poet William Wordsworth may have been the first to come up with the puzzling proposition: “The child is father to the man.”
     My take on it is that the child grows older, and in becoming a man, has spawned his own maturity.
     In my family, three children have become father to the man. No one really remembers exactly when the role reversal took place. It’s true that a part of family evolution requires the offspring to take care of their on-spring. I’m not ready for a nursing home, but that’s not really the concern here. The reversal deals more with the subject of hand-me-downs. Normally, one would expect Dad to say, “Son, this tie I got last Christmas is YOURS.” or “Son, you’d look GREAT in my polyester suit.”

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