Monthly Archives: February 2006

Nun-profits and affluent lines

    Several of us thought we were hearing things — which we were — when there came an exchange between a teacher and principal. It went something like this:
    “Do you mean the class can’t keep the money irregardless of how hard each one worked? To which the principal answered, “Yes, irregardless.”

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Je ne sais WHAT?

    It would be quite easy to claim I did it on purpose. I could have said, “Ha! I spelled it that way to see if you were paying attention.”
    It’s like an almost-daily routine in which I ask the Optic’s multi-talented, multi-tasking compositor Maria Sanchez what blasted keys I need to press to put a tilde or an accent mark over a letter. After she patiently explains, I reply, “I knew that. I was just testing you.”

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Smoky culvert not safe haven

    Last Saturday we drove around sections of Old Town, hoping to spot the place where a young couple had planned to set up a trailer they had just bought from our son.
    Driving around Taos, San Miguel, Mora and Chavez streets, we came across some interesting features: hills, trestles, bridges, places where we saw kids congregating. And they’ve done it for years.

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