Monthly Archives: December 2006

Let’s not break 2007 resolutions

    Could Kim Holland have been right? Kim, a reporter for Albuquerque TV channel 13, KRQE, was on the air when she pronounced the name of a state policeman, Pacheco as “Pu-cheek-oh.”
    In my last column, I had a lot of fun citing instances in which our surnames get murdered. At a party, I met sisters Alice and Donna Menzor, who commiserated and said they too had heard many variations on Hispanic last names. Continue reading

It takes lots of cheek to say that

    Late last Wednesday I was writing an e-mail to a friend and half-listening to the TV news when I was jolted by a sound that wasn’t pretty. The noise startled me in the same way one starts when hearing a sonic boom or a ‘copter flying overhead — an increasingly common occurrence.
    I had the feeling my Optic colleague, my partner in muckraking, David Giuliani, heard the same sound, even though he lives three miles away.
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