My bike, my camera, and me

Copenhagen is a fantastic place to ride. There are bike lanes on just about every street, and bike racks everywhere. Better yet, drivers are terrified of bikers because legally it’s always the fault of the driver if there’s a bike/car accident. Now that it’s spring and weather is nice, I’ve been riding a lot. I took all of these pictures in the last two weeks.

DSC_0812.JPG DSC_0813.JPG DSC_0835.JPG

I took these (above) in an area where a new pedestrian/bike bridge connects Island Brygge to Vesterbro. It’s one of many projects that copenhagen has going. This bridge was built just last year, and appears in the foreground in the first two images. It is the first new bridge to span that canal built in 50 years, and it’s amazing how many people use it. In the background is a renovated grain silo that is now high-end condos. The third image is Fisketorvet — a big and rather fancy mall.

DSC_0686.JPG DSC_0691.JPG DSC_0673.JPG

These are at Langelinie, which means “long line” because it’s a long, straight harbor. The first two are from an abstract sculpture collection — the first being an…unflattering interpretation of The Little Mermaid statue. The third is a crane for loading and unloading boats. The crane is quite close to the royal palace.

DSC_0512.JPG DSC_1238.JPG DSC_0517.JPG DSC_1237.JPG DSC_1240.JPG

This at the “new” Carlsburg brewery. It was built in 1881, and is a pretty amazing building. And yes, that’s a swastika on the elephant, but 1881 was long before the Nazi’s chose to adopt that symbol. Here’s an interesting wikipedia page on the history of the swastika.

DSC_0864.JPG DSC_0863.JPG

Although it’s more interesting to take pictures and talk about exotic sites, there are plenty of mundane sites. I took these in Valby, which is about as un-exotic as Copenhagen gets. I’m including them to demonstrate how like the US Denmark can be, and because I think “McDrive” is pretty funny.

DSC_0852.JPG DSC_0847.JPG DSC_0853.JPG

I took these on a ride south on Amager island, to the last bridge that connects Amager to Zealand (the huge island where Copenhagen is located). These windmills are amazing and make pretty wild sounds. Apparently Denmark generates 20% of its electricity with wind power.

DSC_0877.JPG DSC_0897.JPG

These are on the beach in Vedbæk, an ultra-rich town that is close to the Microsoft offices. The weather may be nicer now, but the water is still very cold.


And finally, my bike, which was actually a gift (thanks Martin!) I never imagined riding a single-speed bike, but in a flat country like Denmark, it’s a perfectly reasonable choice. There are no gears to adjust, maintain, or think about, and it’s slightly more efficient than a bike with multiple speeds. That, combined with the aluminum frame and light, thin wheels, make it quite fast. Which is great, because I have a lot more city to explore…

3 Thoughts on “My bike, my camera, and me

  1. Tamatha on April 20, 2007 at 3:16 pm said:

    Looks like you are keeping busy. Beautiful Pictures, as usual.

  2. Varry interesting, esp. the grotesque mermaid, which wasn’t there when I visited 40 years ago. By the way, you say, “I’ve been riding a log. “Is that how you spell “writing” in America?

  3. Ha! No, actually I meant I’ve been riding a log — I mean a lot. It’s fixed now.

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