One day, at the border

Native: Name?

Columbus: Christopher Columbus.

Native: And how long will you be staying?

Columbus: Oh… quite some time I should think. Quite some time. I’d say indefinitely.

Native: Uh-huh. And how many are traveling with you?

Columbus: Well me, and my crew. And some other boats. And then… well, later… a lot. Just… really a lot.

Native: I see. And your business here?

Columbus: Well, trapping and trading at first. Later some mining and logging. Oh and some crops. Lots of crops. Conversions. Did I mention the slave labor?

Native: No, you didn’t.

Columbus: Oh yeah, slaves. Lots of slaves. They’re cheap you see, and, well, why pay for labor if you can get it for free, ya know?

Native: Yes, naturally. Any fruits or vegetables?

Columbus: Oh yeah, we’ll need fruits and vegetables. And meat. Oh yeah. So yes to the food, thanks.

Native: And have you had any exposure to diseases?

Columbus: Ha! Oh man. I mean… well, no.

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