Well heck…

I’ve been snickering about this whole “blog” craze for some time now.

For one thing, would it be so popular if it were merely called a journal? I doubt it, because everyone knows what a journal is, but a blog — well, that’s new and exciting. Even if it is just a journal.

Another thing though, is that in order to have an interesting blog, you’ve got to have something interesting (and on-going) to talk about.

So, when people started asking me if I’d keep a blog when I moved to Denmark, at first I scoffed. But then it occurred to me that this is as good a time as any. Besides, I found so little information on Denmark (particularly from the American perspective) that I figure any extra information might benefit others that follow suit, or are just curious about Denmark, and Copenhagen in particular.

So here we are. I have a blog now.

One Thought on “Well heck…

  1. Caligula on April 21, 2006 at 4:37 pm said:

    It’s been well known for some time that you’re a little bitch, but now you’ve been outed as a Blogging Little Bitch. In my curmudgeonly way of thinking, I have always regarded bogs as inexcusable, except in two cases: 1) when I had a blog, and 2) when you have something to say that is actually of interest to other people. I must admit that this might well be of interest to those of us in the US who are thinking about Denmark as a travel, living, or working destination.

    And the decadence. Don’t forget to report the decadence.

    –Your Friend and Emperor, Gaius Proboscus Caligula, Plenipotentiary of Poon

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