This winter’s limp handshake

I’m not complaining exactly, but I do think it’s scary that it’s hardly dropped below freezing this winter. It snowed once — about two inches (7 cm). It was just enough to annoy the skaters at Kongens Nytorv (where, by the way, they keep the rink frozen with freezing apparatus.)

The old tax station near Nyhavn (now a pricey restaurant)Skating at Kongens NytorvUnderneath The Royal Theatre

Two years ago in March, having just arrived, there was a week where it got down to -14 Celsius (that’s about 7 in Fahrenheit.) With the humidity and the wind, that was amazingly cold. This winter hasn’t felt that way at all. Not even close.

Office buildings alight at 5:00 pmWindchargers and a power station near Zealand Brygge

There are advantages to this mild weather. I’ve certainly done more biking this winter than last. And I’ve probably taken more pictures too. But on the other hand, when it’s not cold enough to snow, it rains, and that gets really old.

The afternoon commute at R dhuspladsen (Town Hall Square)The afternoon commute at R dhuspladsen (Town Hall Square)

One thing that is like last winter, though, is the lack of light. For at least a month every winter (if not two) you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. And so, on the weekend, it’s nice to get out and see… well, not the sun necessarily, but some color.

Just a church doorFrederiksberg Have (Castle Garden)dsc_3384.jpg

In two weeks we’ll be going to Norway to ski for a week. That, I hope, will be cold.

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