Spring has sprung

Winter is over! (And to celebrate, I’m shooting two stops overexposed.)

Lisbeth Ellen Ellen

I like to tease the Danes for their exuberance when the sun starts to spend more time in the sky. They act like they’re kids and Christmas has arrived without warning.

Ellen The June-bug The June-bug

They all rush out at once, and stand in parks, on street corners, and on terraces, close their eyes, and bask in the sunlight. On the first warm day of the year, you can’t find a grumpy Dane in the whole of Denmark.

Happy June-bug DSC_1666.JPG Lisbeth

But I have to admit spring in Denmark is fantastic. It comes on so suddenly, and in such sharp contrast to the winter… each year I spend less time teasing and more time quietly soaking up the sunlight.

2 Thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. Art trujillo on March 25, 2012 at 10:07 pm said:

    Two stops overexposed? So that’s how you celebrate. I think you’re overexposed, as in out in the sun too long. Cute kids, though.

  2. Hi Adam & Lisbeth,
    You seem to be having a great time with those two little beauties. Art will keep us advised as to when you come to NM, so who knows? I may get to see them again.
    Aunt Doey

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