Christmas 2012

This was the second consecutive year that I’ve not been home for Christmas. I wished I could have been with my family in New Mexico. But as it turned out it’s a good thing we didn’t go this year. The end of the year was rough. I got the flu twice in span of three weeks, and I was still recovering at Christmas.

Hanne with Storm, Siv, and Freja June with Grandma Haren, or 'Bedstemor' June, Lisbeth, and Ellen Kaspar, Siv, Freja, and Hanne Ellen and Storm go about clearing snow. Or playing anyway. Storm

We had a nice time though. It snowed, which always makes Christmas just a little nicer. And this was definitely the first year that  Ellen was fully aware that Christmas was coming, and it was fun to see her so excited.

Hanne pulls Siv and Freja Siv and Freja go for a ride The farm DSC_7448.JPG Freja stoically enjoys the snow Siv and June stoically endure a ride

There were eleven of us, five of which were under four, so it was not the quiet and relaxing break one might hope for, but it is easy to see how, as they get older, the demands will be reduced. Ellen and Storm played together nicely most of the time, which even a year ago was not the case. It was mostly June and her cousins Siv and Freja that kept us busy.

DSC_7488.JPG DSC_7510.JPG DSC_7512.JPG DSC_7517.JPG Ellen and Storm enjoy a cartoon DSC_7536.JPG

Not everything about Christmas is fun DSC_7558.JPG DSC_7563.JPG June, Freja, and Siv The goofing off continues DSC_7666.JPG Frits lights the tree, kicking off the traditional singing around the tree, followed by opening gifts DSC_7688.JPG The traditional singing of hymns while circling the tree Storytime with grandpa and grandma Hansen Ellen and Storm play with toys on Christmas Eve (when gifts are opened in Denmark) Ellen loves purple and pink. Hopefully it won't last until adulthood... To try to keep gloves on a one-year-old is to know futility The playground is a challenging place for a one-year-old anyway, much less so bundled up that you can hardly move. Ellen, enjoying some fresh air Ellen, Hans and Pelle (yes, they do sparklers indoors here...) Grandma Karen and a distracted June Not sure if it's going to be raining or snowing? Plan for both.

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