Farewell trusty theme, farewell

The 'Classic' themeIt doesn’t happen to me very often, but every once in a while a creative attempt of mine goes well. Really well. Well enough that it matches or exceeds what I had in mind. (As opposed to falling far short of my expectations, which is normally the case.)

When this happens, I often have a visceral reaction — deep pride and satisfaction mixed with surprise. And if that feeling is what an artist experiences routinely, then I can understand the sacrifices some of them make to pursue their art.

One time this happened to me was about a year after I’d started this blog. I was still very new to blogging, and had not yet begun my career as a web developer, so each customization I made to the blog was time-consuming and often disappointing.

But at some point I was playing around with cropping header images and defining color schemes to match that image, and BAM! It happened. I knew immediately that I had something worth keeping. And with the exception of very minor tweaks, the theme for this blog has been unchanged since then. Until now.

Recently it struck me that my theme has started to seem a bit crowded and dated. And so today I’ve retired the classic theme in favor of something more modern and with more breathing room. (Based on the Bandana theme, of you’re interested.)

But considering that I created the previous theme in May of 2007 — almost exactly six years ago, that’s not a bad run.

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