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Ellen meets the family

The highlight of this vacation has definitely been introducing Ellen to all the family members that she hasn’t yet met, like her great grandparents. Connie organized a get-together this weekend so we’d have everyone in the same place, which is where many of these pictures are from.

Ellen with her great-grandmother, Velma Coppock Ellen with her great-grandfather, Stanley Coppock

It’s  a good thing that she’s pretty flexible about who holds her, because she’s been passed around a lot in the last three weeks, and it’s a good thing that she likes the spotlight, because she’s been the center of attention most of the time.

Ellen gets a walking lesson from her uncle Ben Ellen with Auntie Heather Mom and Lisbeth with Ellen, Cora, and ClaireEllen with her second cousin Cora Sarah and Lisbeth show off Cora and Ellen The dads: Karrie with Claire, Troy with Cora, and me with Ellen

The downside, however, is that she’s gotten accustomed to the attention, and she thinks it’s incredibly dull to have only the stale affections of her parents. We’re expecting her to be pretty unhappy when we get back to Denmark later this week.

Ellen with my cousin Rachel Grandma and grandpa with their great-grandchildren Sarah supervises playtime with Cora and EllenEllen with aunt Connie Ellen with her cousins Carly and Celina Ellen and her uncle Diego

Before this trip, the only members of my family that had met Ellen were mom and dad because they visited us in Denmark in May. Before they left, mom lamented that Ellen wouldn’t remember her. Sure enough, Ellen had to warm up to her again, but it didn’t take long.

Ellen and 'Pampah' Ellen with 'Bon-bon' Ellen and Lisbeth clown around


Last week we went to Capulin, a volcano in Northern New Mexico. It’s about 90 minutes from Springer, the town where I was born and my grandparents still live. But, like the Sandia Tram, it’s something that I’d never seen.

Ellen listens quietly as I explain our plans for the day One of many fantastic views from Capulin DSC_0211.JPG

The volcano doesn’t look like much when you’re approaching, and I thought it would turn out to be pretty lame, but when you start to climb, the view gets fantastic almost immediately. (There are hiking trails, but apparently none of them go from the bottom to the top, so you have only one choice — drive to the top.)

When ladybugs attack When ladybugs attack When ladybugs attack

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