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On Saturday, September 20th, Lisbeth and I were married in her hometown, Vejle. We’re both very pleased with the way everything went. The weather was great, the service was beautiful, and the party afterwards was a lot of fun. More here.

Coming in February:

During almost four decades of watching people reproduce, sometimes foolishly and sometimes on purpose, I’ve never thought much of it. It didn’t compel me to follow suit. There certainly wasn’t any jealousy. And the kids, while I enjoyed them (some more than others), they didn’t make me want kids of my own.

The most beautiful kid in history

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New Mexico, hot and dry

I’d been raving for months about how great Northern New Mexico is in the summer. It’s warm, but not too warm. There’s lots of sunshine, but with frequent afternoon rains, green fields, a soft breeze during the day, and cool, crisp air at night. And so on. At least that’s the way I remember it. But it wasn’t like that at all when we visited in June.

An antelopedsc_0498.jpgdsc_0499.jpg

I don’t remember antelope listlessly roaming around my grandparent’s ranch. I don’t remember the pastures being overtaken by prickly-pear cactus. I don’t remember otherwise healthy trees near my parents house drying out and falling over. It was hot and dry. Very dry.

A bridge over a dry irrigation canalA (very dry) irrigation canal

On our last night we could smell the smoke from a fire to the North, and water restrictions were enacted in Las Vegas right after we left. Read More →

Christmas in New Mexico

(After conducting a few pop-quizzes this Christmas, I learned that certain members of the family don’t actually read what Iwrite here. You know how you are. So if youjust want the pictures — including many that aren’t in this post — go here.)

After spending a few days with Lisbeth and her family, I went home to New Mexico just before Christmas. It was COLD! It was colder than Denmark has been all year. That actually isn’t unusual (Denmark has been record-breakingly warm recently, thanks in part to global warming), which makes it frustrating when Danes say, “Oh, you’re going to New Mexico — it’ll be SO warm!”

The view from mom and dad's porchthe road up to the ridgeThe view from the house

It was the first time I’ve used my sunglasses since September. Even on a clear summer day, the sun in Denmark is muted compared to the sun in New Mexico. Read More →

Lisbeth’s birthday

This weekend we went to Vejle, where Lisbeth grew up, and where her parents still live. It was my second visit. (The first time I brilliantly forgot the memory card for my camera, so there were no pictures.) The occasion this time was Lisbeth’s 31st birthday.

Just outside Vejle, DenmarkJust outside Vejle, DenmarkJust outside Vejle, Denmark

Vejle (pronounced vie-la) is in Jutland — the largest portion of Denmark, and the only portion physically attached to the rest of Europe. It is quite different than Zealand, the island where Copenhagen is located, in that it has a lot of farm country and rolling hills. In contrast, Zealand is pretty much completely flat.

The home of Frits and Karen HansenThe home of Frits and Karen HansenThe home of Frits and Karen Hansen

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Ben and Heather

My youngest brother Ben and his wife Heather visited last week. Having just started a new job, I couldn’t take the week off, so I mostly saw them in the evenings. I did take one afternoon off, and took them up to Hillerød to see Frederiksborg Palace.

Frederiksborg PalaceApproaching the Frederiksborg Palace gardenThe Frederiksborg Palace Garden

Loyal readers may recall that Lisbeth and I stumbled on this palace by accident back in June. This time, however, I took a much closer look, both at the garden, and of the palace itself.

Ben (my youngest brother) and his wife HeatherA weird, high-tech doorThe grass didn't meet Ben's approvalApproaching the palaceFrederiksborg PalaceFrederiksborg PalaceFrederiksborg PalaceEntrance of Frederiksborg PalaceStatues at Frederiksborg Palace

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From 79,000 to 16


September 28th was my last day at Microsoft.

I resigned after taking a job as a “Senior IT Consultant” with a small Danish company called Codehouse. It’s small. 16 employees. It’s over 5,000 times smaller than Microsoft, with its mind-boggling 79,000.

Codehouse specializes in providing custom web solutions for large customers. In other words, big companies need big web sites, and Codehouse sets these sites up. They don’t do the content — they set up an infrastructure that the big company can then use to add and maintain content on their site.

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The Dimwitted Child

Recently I was asked if it’s hard living in a city where I can’t read most of the signs or understand most of what’s being said. I said no — not at all — as long as you don’t mind being suddenly demoted in status from that of a normal adult to that of a retarded person or a dimwitted child.

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The [SPAM] results are in…

In 2005 I started tracking the amount of spam I get at my personal e-mail address. I got 42,000 pieces of spam that year, and 56,519 this year. On average, that’s 4625 every month, 1067 every week, 152 every day, or 6.3 every hour. On average I got one piece of spam every 9.4 minutes.

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Parental Figures Visit

Mom and Dad were just here for two weeks. It was really fun to show them around and hear their impressions of where I’ve been living. My apartment is plenty big enough, so we weren’t crowded, and we had enough time to see and do quite a bit despite the fact that I really couldn’t take much time off work.


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