Dog v. Protester

It’s been a surreal two weeks. Security around Bella Center was incredibly tight. Tall barriers were constructed around the center, engulfing entire streets. There were generally five to ten police officers at every gate, 24 hours a day, and many more than that on days when protesters were expected. On Friday, when Obama came in, guards with assault rifles were added. It was like living next to a military base.

The police used our building as part of a line of defense to prevent protesters from reaching Bella Center. I've seen far more cops in the last two weeks and I had previously, even if you count cops on TV Given the police present, I expected hordes of protesters

I took these pictures from our terrace on Wednesday morning (I had a headache and it was bitter cold, so the blur in these pictures is my unsteady hands). Protesters were expected to make another attempt to push past security and get into Bella Center. But, as seemed the case the entire time, police were two steps ahead, and were clearly not going to let things chaotic, even if it meant arresting 600 people at a time. (The mass arrests were later declared illegal.)

Apparently the police frequently ran out of space for transporting the arrested protesters Residents were let through -- after a bit of questioning

There was a steady build-up of police that morning, and it soon became clear that they were using our building (among others) as a first line of defense. After all, it’s easier to guard the gaps between the buildings than try to stop a throng of protesters in the middle of the park. ┬áIt was a little like watching an army prepare for battle.

Given the police present, I expected hordes of protesters Given the police present, I expected hordes of protesters Waiting for the protesters

But, whatever battle there was took place even farther from Bella Center — at Fields (the shopping mall), and what we know about that came in the form of small updates on the Politiken website. No protester got within 100 meters of Bella Center that morning.

These two guys were the only protesters that got as far as our building They were clearly very dangerous, so they let the dogs loose I was not a long chase

Police dogs are, it seems, quite well trained Another protester arrested I didn't see these guys do anything except run from the police. Apparently they participated in an 'unapproved protest'. Which made me wonder... is there such a thing as an approved protest?

The only action we saw was these two guys. They were running from the police, but in a half-hearted way. Sicking the dog on them seemed excessive to me, especially since they were completely surrounded. There were probably two hundred officers in view at the time.

2 Thoughts on “Dog v. Protester

  1. Very interesting and amazing. I had no idea that the resistance would be so well planned. I think the Danish police or the European Union people were so prepared that they may have really stopped protesting which is surprising. I know people could still march and stand in water and have exhibits but apparently they could not get into the building where the meetings were held. The media seems to think that not much good came of the conference. Your pictures of the park area and the cops and protesters and so on look unreal. Of course we have seen the park but it looks so groomed and artificial in the picture. Dogs even.

  2. Lucky for them the police didn’t use the 7-11 Lout Sprayer.

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