Snow more Christmas

Ellen, up to no good

Up until now, no matter where I’ve been living, I’ve managed to get home to New Mexico for Christmas. But on this, my fortieth Christmas, I’m not going home. We’ll spend next year in New Mexico, but this year we’re spending Christmas with Lisbeth’s family.

It’s quite strange not to go home. It’s nice not to have to worry about airports and jetlag, but I miss my family, I miss the food, and going to my grandparent’s ranch.

The garden -- where the wedding reception was held The house from the front DSC_2935.JPG

But it’s not all bad. It snowed here, for one thing, which always makes Christmas a bit better. Also, it’s really interesting to experience Christmas with Lisbeth’s family. But I’ll write about that in a separate entry. This one is mostly about the snow.

The garden -- where the wedding reception was held The garden -- where the wedding reception was held

(Contrary to what you might expect, it doesn’t snow that often in Denmark, particularly in recent decades. Lisbeth doesn’t specifically remember having snow at Christmas at all. Her grandmother recalls that it’s been thirteen years since there’s a been a white Christmas.)

DSC_2970.JPG DSC_2972.JPG As the web thaws...

DSC_3102.JPG DSC_3104.JPG DSC_3099.JPG

Storm Ellen and Storm Ellen and Karen

Ellen thought that sledding was mildly entertaining DSC_3088.JPG

2 Thoughts on “Snow more Christmas

  1. wonderful pictures I thought Ellen looked slightly worried as she patted Storm
    I like Ellen in the sled she is WARMLY dressed
    I think the house looks so Christmasy with all the snow and so what who could ignore Christmas it is a secular holiday it breaks up dark tiresome winter

  2. sweet precious girl! We love and miss you all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hopefully we’ll see sometime before next Christmas…

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