Cartoonishly absurd

We all knew there would be opposition to Obama’s presidency. We all knew that he would be attacked and maligned. This would have been true regardless of his politics. But I, for one, have been surprised by how cartoonishly absurd and hallucinatory the opposition is.

“When the focus is narrowed to Republicans, a Harris poll finds 57 percent of party members believe he is a Muslim, 22% believe he “wants the terrorists to win,” and 24% believe he is the Antichrist.” (Roger Ebert, Sept. 1st 2010)

If this is true — if over half of republicans think that Obama is a Muslim and one in four actually thinks he’s the Antichrist,¬†then there really is no point in debate. There’s no point in talking about this. There is no point because the US is completely screwed.

It’s one thing to disagree over economic or military policy. It’s one thing to argue over whether our government should be strong or weak. But what we’re seeing here is complete and hysterical meltdown. If this is the reaction that conservatives have to having a progressive president with an unusual name, what would they do if Hitler came back to life and was elected president? Would their reaction be any more extreme?

Or, more to the point, could their reaction be any more extreme?

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