Monthly Archives: September 2003

No matter what, don¹t laugh in church

    For my eighth-grade graduation at what was then a brand new Immaculate Conception church, the venerable Msgr. Edwin Bradley delivered the address.
     Thirty of us, standing, sitting and kneeling stiffly, listened as the archbishop’s No. 2 representative regaled us with the notion of leaving the past behind and reminded us that “commencement” is not the end, but the beginning.

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Vegas athletes grow larger, taller over the decades

     An Optic photo which sticks in my mind after several decades concerns a group of Highlands University football players who had taken a walk to Whorton’s Food Market in order to get weighed.
     It was in the fifties, around the time the Cowboys began taking football seriously and recruiting across state lines was becoming the norm for intercollegiate athletics.

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