Monthly Archives: January 2006

Struggling with declarogatives

    The Trujillo family had a get-together for Christmas in preparation for sending off our oldest son, Stan, to Denmark, where he may be taking a new job.
    Desirous of a boys’ night out, he got together with younger brothers Diego and Ben for an evening away from our house. Stan said, “Dad, we’re going out for a couple of hours?”
    And almost as if participating in a really bad high school play, Diego said, “We’ll take our own car?” and Ben cut in with, “So don’t wait up for us?”

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This old house just not the same

    It’s gone!
    The place where I was born no longer belongs to any Trujillo. My sister Dorothy, who bought us out after Mom died in 2002, let the house go to an outsider whose name I don’t know.
    Even when my parents were still alive, when I’d entertain out-of-town friends, I’d drive by their house and my birthplace on Railroad Avenue and say, “See that house, the neatest house on the whole street? Well, I was born there.”

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Whaddya mean we talk funny?

    One doesn’t have to wait long before someone new to this area remarks on the way we in northern New Mexico “sing” many of our expressions.
    Whereas many people say, “I know,” around here, it’s usually something like “Eee guyy, I knoouuww.” And that’s only a slight exaggeration.

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