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Caucasian and light-skinned

The rage is palpable. Remember the casting call from an out-of-state agency that sought only “Caucasians or light-skinned Hispanics”? Anger has gone viral.

To review: On Location Casting posted on its website a solicitation for “real families.” The Web site listed desirable qualities among the applicants, but the light-skinned requirement simply set people off.

What were the talent scouts thinking?

As a member of the dark-skinned brigade and obviously unqualified to be cast in a series of commercials designed to bring flatland touristers to New Mexico, I’m amused more than upset. On Location Casting apparently wants the outside world to stop visualizing New Mexico as a suburb of Arizona. Continue reading

Battling the elements

Edward Flores, limping, fearing frostbite and distraught over marital problems and separation from his sons, is also without a car.

It’s a strange tale, as circuitous as the routes he followed to get to Las Vegas, all of it occurring within the past two weeks. Part of the odyssey consumed much of last Saturday, through the winding, twisting cow-paths of eastern San Miguel and northern Guadalupe counties, as he and volunteers went in search of his car.

The experience, lasting until nightfall near Santa Rosa, also points out the dedication of volunteers, people who go to extremes to help: Rosalie Lopez, Percyne Gardner, Carol Silon, Pat Smith and Jo Rita Jordan, who have connections with Samaritan House, and/or the Las Vegas Peace and Justice Center. Continue reading

What’s to fear in Las Vegas?

During a recent get-together with our three sons — one brought his family all the way from Denmark, one brought his spouse from Albuquerque, and the third son brought his wife and kids all the way from next door — our conversation turned to what life was like in our youth.

You first, Dad.

Well, I’ve already written a million words about how it seemed that there was a tough guy on every corner, who set the stopwatch he didn’t own, waiting to pounce on a peace-loving kid from the Railroad Avenue barrio.

Early in life I discovered that an adrenaline rush must have provided reason enough for Gibber, Roy, Trigger and others to take liberties with my face and those of some neighbors. But to report bullying is problematic, for the kids being bullied. Here’s why: On the playground, kids are admonished to report instances in which some halitosis-hexed bully plies his skills. Continue reading

Lots to ‘like’ in Cameron Diaz

“What are you doing watching that program, Art?”

“It’s strictly for educational purposes, my dear.”

That was the exchange earlier this week when my wife asked me to turn down the volume of my “educational” program, Entertainment Tonight. Not highbrow enough? Well, let me explain:

Purely for education and edification, I left the TV on after the evening news, enjoying a passive education and nodding occasionally, between my own nodding off.

“I’m doing research for my next column,” I told Mdm. Light Sleeper, who usually sacks out at 9. And so it was educational. But let’s back up a bit.

Remember the derriere pose by Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, photographed together during the Oscars? The pose, which has appeared in several magazines, shows the women facing away from the camera then simultaneously, turning their heads toward the camera to be recognized. Continue reading