Monthly Archives: November 2003

Kennedy assassination effects linger forever

    One event which all of the country knew we would remember forever was the assassination of President Kennedy, 40 years ago. In an Optic feature, “Quote–End Quote all participants provided a precise account of where they were when they heard the news. If reporter David Wesner had asked that question of 500 people, surely they would all have provided not only their location, but their reaction as well.

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There’s true romance in newspaper delivery

     Watching the Optic carrier slip my newspaper into its plastic tube last night, I got to thinking about the art of delivery back in the olden days.
     I’ve already regaled my sons and grandchildren with tales–all of them true–of our five-mile trek to elementary school in deep snow, uphill both ways. What we haven’t done in any detail is paint a realistic picture of being a “Little Merchant” in Las Vegas.

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