Monthly Archives: November 2006

Assassination’s 43rd anniversary

Juanita Salas was a sophomore at Robertson High School, immersed in her social studies class, when the principal got on the P.A. system to announce the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
“Everybody was just shocked for awhile. They dismissed school right away,” said the retired teacher assistant with the Las Vegas City Schools. Like several others interviewed for this column, marking the 43rd anniversary of Kennedy’s death, Juanita has crystallized the events, “just as if it happened yesterday.”

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Hoops crown eluded I.C. Colts

    The letters, e-mails and phone calls probably won’t come this time, or if they do, they’ll be mild and courtesy of people my age whose memory banks are keen, if not a bit biased.
    A while back, a Work of Art column addressed the perils of being a sports editor, a condition being felt by current Optic sports editor Dave Kavanaugh and previous sports eds Khushroo Ghadiali, David Wesner, Jesse Gallegos and a host of others, all the way back to Vince Rivera, a couple of decades back.

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Epic film made here in 1913

    Whose attic would the stuff be in? Perhaps a more relevant question would be, “Whose grandparents’ attic would the stuff be in?”
    A recent visitor to the Optic made a highly unusual request, and he may have been 50 years late in making it. David Lindblom, a filmmaker living in New York, showed up with Judee Williams, a local movie and history buff, to ask for anything that might help him with some compendious research he’s doing on Romaine Fielding, an actor, director and producer who filmed what was then the most expensive movie ever made in America, “The Golden God,” in 1913.

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