Monthly Archives: December 2005

Words merely prelude to action

    In my youth, I came across a professor who became particularly vexatious one day in employing what most of us consider profanity. Making the point that words don’t hurt, he asked us students, “How would it hurt you if — hypothetically — I called you a — (because this is a family newspaper, I can only imply the sexual and scatological tenor of his quote).”

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Like lend me your ears

    As a resident of the 22nd wealthiest county in New Mexico, I find it necessary to try to earn some of the big bucks the publisher throws our way.
    In case you missed it, of New Mexico’s 33 counties, San Miguel ranks in the lower half, with a median household income of $27,092, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The latest data reflect incomes from the year 2003.

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