Monthly Archives: March 2004

‘Let’s make a man out of that child’

    One of the biggest put-downs people can bestow on another is to label someone childish. We presuppose that being a baby or a child is something to be avoided. The notion that age equals maturity is not always accurate. What’s so undesirable about a baby crying? The infant is merely following a biological urge to get fed. Crying is just testing a theory: the last time I cried I got fed; maybe it’ll work again this time.

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Thumbs up, thumbs down

    Thumbs up: To Mother Nature for the much-needed moisture in late February and early March that will allow communities such as Las Vegas to stave off Draconian water-saving measures.
     Thumbs down: The attempt by the New Mexico House of Representatives to require interlock devices on all vehicles to counter drunk driving. It could have been a case of imposing the regulation on all, in order to go after the few violators. Fortunately, the bill never made it to the senate or to the governor’s desk.

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Vegas can boast of two big-name prize fights

     Las Vegas doesn’t appear on a globe of the world, nor does it often show up on a U.S. map.
     A satellite photo of New Mexico, provided by my former student Martha Johnsen, when she was an intern with NASA, shows Las Vegas as barely discernible.
     Correspondingly, there aren’t many opportunities for the Meadow City to draw attention. Worse, on the few occasions in which there is a chance for favorable exposure, we’re often mistaken for the impostor in Nevada.

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